Welcome to Palais Ksar Said

This palace, located in Bardo, on the outskirts of Tunis, is steeped in history, and we have been working to bring it alive once more - to share it with the young people of Tunisia and beyond


Bring your classroom alive...

Access a range of teacher resources that allow you to lead missions to explore a range of different topics, that will keep your students engaged for hours...


Many hands make light work...

A multi-disciplinary team from across the globe have been working together to restore Palais Ksar Said, and share it with Tunisians and beyond


Ready to explore the Palais?

Welcome to the Palais Ksar Said! Before you walk through the front door, you need to choose a mission. There are five different missions altogether. The missions should help you to understand how Tunisia’s history has affected how you live. When you work on a mission, you will need to walk around the Palace to find hotspots. The hotspots have information in to help you.


Choose a mission to find out more about your heritage! But be ready to think. You can’t complete the missions unless you do.


Teacher Resources

This section is for teachers. It contains briefs about historical thinking, upon which the missions are based.

Bringing Palais Ksar Said to Life

The project to bring Palais Ksar Said alive has been going on for a few short years, and has brought together people from across the globe…