Ksar Saïd Palace is a former Tunisian beylic palace located in Bardo, on the outskirts of Tunis. The Virtual Experience Company and Cambridge University have developed this interactive model of the palace, which links to an educational programme about the Palace and Tunisian cultural heritage.

The project is funded by the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund

The Cultural Protection Fund was launched in June 2016 by the British Council in partnership with Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The £30m fund is set up to protect cultural heritage overseas at risk due to conflict.

Our thanks also go to the Rambourg Foundation and to the National Institute of Heritage for their invaluable support in developing this project


Project Design and Management: Virtual Experience Company Ltd

Education Content: Dr Mark Winterbottom, University of Cambridge; Dr Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, University of Cambridge

Technical Director: Dr Fabrizio Galeazzi

Website Design: Open Eye Media

Historical Consultation: Sonia Slim, National Institute of Heritage, Tunisia; Mohamed Aymen Chihaoui, National Institute of Heritage, Tunisia

Logistical Support: Rambourg Foundation Tunisia

Our thanks also go to the management and staff at the Palais Ksar Said for their generous and enthusiastic support; to Marco di Ioia for technical support; to Younes Hafidi for his help with the Amazigh language elements; to Imed Belkhodja at the British Council, Tunisia.

Finally, our sincere thanks go to the many wonderful people we met on our travels in Tunisia for their warmth and their hospitality.